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Was ist denn das für eine E-Mail?

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wo kommt denn diese E-Mail her, und besteht für mich nun irgendeine Gefahr?

Woher haben die denn meine E-Mail-Adresse?


Sadly, there are some bad news that you are about to hear.
About few months ago I have gained a full access to all devices used by you for internet browsing.
Shortly after, I started recording all internet activities done by you.

Below is the sequence of events of how that happened:
Earlier I purchased from hackers a unique access to diversified email accounts (at the moment, it is really easy to do using internet).
As you can see, I managed to log in to your email account without breaking a sweat: (

Within one week afterwards, I installed a Trojan virus in your Operating Systems available on all devices that you utilize for logging in your email.

Die E-Mail geht noch weiter, ich will hier aber nicht alles posten.

Außerdem befindet sich definitiv kein Virus oder Trojaner auf dem Rechner, den ich für diese E-Mail-Korrespondenzen benutze.

Freundliche Grüße

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